Welcome to a new party!
January 18th 17:00 CET

Spirit Zone 2024 - Online Demoparty
January 18th

Organising team:

Filippp (main organiser)

Jeenio (wuhu, assistance)

Garfield (server)


2024-01-18 - Today is the day!

Spirit Zone will start streaming soon! Unfortunately, we had to cancel Winter Byte Jam because of lack of participants. :( We know it was all very last minute, we'll promise to do it better next year!

2024-01-17 - It's tomorrow on Twitch!

Less than 24h for Spirit Zone 2024 to start! Tune in tomorrow on Twitch to follow the stream. Link: https://twitch.tv/filipppio2

2024-01-14 - Winter Byte Jam

Similar to other parties, Spirit Zone will host a live coding event called Winter Byte Jam. If you know your way around lua, you can use TIC-80 to participate.

If you want to register for this event, please contact the main organizer via e-mail: sliwinskifiliprafal@gmail.com.

2024-01-13 - Uploads open!

Welcome to Spirit Zone 2024! This is our first edition and we are very excited for doing this. We hope that you participate and enjoy all the productions.

You can now submit your entries using SceneID login, and we will see you at the Twitch stream this Thursday!